How businesses are using Vine as a customer engagement tool

Ever wondered what would happen if you planted Instagram and Youtube together? Well, you might just grow a Vine! Vine is a relatively new mobile app that allows its users to record videos on their mobile device and put together a short 6-second clip that loops itself. Users can then share these short videos with their Twitter followers and Facebook friends. While 6 seconds may not seem like a lot of time, many companies are finding Vine a great way to promote and advertise their brand and products. (more…)


Word of mouth: A Powerful form of Advertising

It has been said that advertising is a tax companies pay for having inferior customer service.  This is a strong statement to make, however, for some companies, this statement is one that proves to be true. Advertising can take place in my different ways such as print ads, TV and radio commercials, AdWords, mobile pop-ups, online banners, event sponsorships, or even simply through word of mouth. While all of these forms have proven to be effective in their own way, there is no denying that one of the most persuasive form of advertising is through word of mouth. In fact, 92 percent of consumers say they trust recommendations from friends and family above all other forms of advertising. (more…)

Online Ads: Effective vs. Abrasive

With many businesses increasingly shifting online into the digital world, their business strategies and practices in terms of advertising have to make the shift as well.  Online advertising has become one of the largest components of most companies’ online marketing plans, pushing aside traditional print and broadcast advertising. However, advertising online isn’t quite the same as print or broadcast, and knowing these difference can help a business learn how take advantage of all the perks online advertising has to offer, as well as stay away from all the cons that come with it. (more…)

Photo Sharing: A New way to lead to Online Sales

As social media continues to evolve, so will its uses.  Right now, social media photo sharing sites seem to have two predominate uses: simple sharing of images for personal interest or the sharing of photos for business as a marketing tool to gain exposure and awareness.  Yet, already, businesses are finding new ways to use photo sharing as marketing tools. One of these ways is through photo exposure with the use of photo sharing sites in an attempt to drive conversion for online business. (more…)

Does Advertising Work in Facebook News Feeds?

As many Facebook users have probably  noticed, company advertisements are showing up more and more often on their News Feed. What may be even more apparent is that the majority of these ads are from companies that Facebook users are not a fan of, or whose pages have not been liked.  Not only does this defeat the purpose of users being able to create their own online world per say – by selecting only content from people or company’s they want to hear from- but it also comes across as an invasion of personal space or privacy to the user. (more…)